We help headphone companies to build

True Wireless and
Hearable products


Feasibility Studies

We minimise your risk by telling you how much time and budget you need for your new product

Engineering Services

We work closely with your team to develop cutting edge hardware and software

Technology Licensing

We provide access to solutions we have already developed to speed up your time to market


Reliability First

The most important feature of headphones is that they always work. No one wants bad reviews or unsatisfied customers. We prioritise reliability above all else.


High-End Acoustic Performance

You care about great audio quality and so do we. We implement the highest standards of acoustic performance in our work.

Low Manufacturing Costs

We understand that consumer products run on tight margins. We optimise for low BOM costs and simple manufacturing processes.

About us

Hearable Labs is a Berlin based audio engineering company. We're passionate about great quality audio and we believe that everyone should be able to control how they hear the world. 
Our team has pioneered some of the earliest developments in new wave hearing devices and is backed by leading research institutes.


How we can work together

  1. Schedule a call with us to discuss your product requirements

  2. Allow us to create a customised plan

  3. We'll work with you to bring your product to life.

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